Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aimless Ramblings

Well lets get you all caught up on my life in the fast lane.

I actually got to do horsey type stuff! Of course nothing fun like riding or training...but real down in the dirt horse stuff.

First I head south to where Lyric is still living and helped my friend Kim build a 2nd round pen. Since the kids are still in residence in her main one for a bit longer, she's in need of another option for a couple of her other youngsters. And summer...what few sunny days we get a wasting so I was drafted for manual labor.

So after the round pen is up and round shaped...well sort of egg shaped, it's on to Lyric.
I think this is her best side cause no matter what you do, how you move and try for another "pose"....
this is the look you get......
The round pen was to muddy to do any work so I just found the dry high spot and plopped myself down. Lyric couldn't figure out what I was up to. She's used to me dragging in a muck bucket of hand picked grass to feed her. But Kim had mowed the grass so nothing for me to pick.

Anyway, she just kept standing there using her horse-a-kinetic powers on me to go get her grass.
Don't you LOVE these eyes? SEE the power??!!
I love that she is so curious. She still isn't touchable anywhere except her nose. But we are oh so close. The more I would ignore her the more she just had to creep closer to see what I was doing, where was HER grass and what was that goofy clicking thing I was holding.
I was just looking through the viewer and saw her feet sneak into frame...and yes she needs a trim. But first things first I need to be able to touch her, halter her and lead her to start working on her foot manners.
Then I just slowly look up through the camera and.... there was a nose just inches away watching me!
Still sneaking up and out of frame. Of course for being such a curious bold girl I had to go grub around the field and pick her some grass. She has STRONG horse-a-kinetic powers!
We are hoping to move her out of the round pen this weekend into a stall with a run on it. She doesn't have the flight response her roomie has and separating them will help get them both going a little better. And I am much more comfortable working in the stall and run then the round pen.
Here is Lyric's current Roomie. He is also now a yearling from the Nov 2007 adoption and we want no opsies and unexpected pregnancies!
Then it was off to the farm where the rest of the mob lives. Got a little horsey therapy...petted and hugged some noses. Chastised all for putting more dreadlocks in their manes, went to the feed store with Josie.
I don't think she'll ever take me again. I hadn't been to this store before and I was like a kid in a candy store...but aren't we all??? Well you know the ADOH (Attention Deficient...Oh Hi) that the LGY has? Well I had ADOL!! (Attention Deficient OH LOOK!) I got a new riding helmet (in purple), a grain scoop I didn't need (in purple), a cool horsey T-shirt on sale I also didn't need (in purple), a new halter and matching lead for Jillian (in light steel blue....and you thought I was gonna say purple!) and a ton of other stuff. I tried to bring home 2 baby chicks but Josie wouldn't let me. Hey you can have hens on your balcony for fresh eggs in the suburbs!
Got back to the farm and flagged the field the horses would be moving to in the next couple days and then went to watch Cathy ride the VLC. I have sent her the pictures and need to buy some CD's (ex took all that we had when he left, grrr) to get the video to her.
***DISCLAIMER, as the VLC and the LGY aren't mine I can still refer to them in their acronymized names from their own blogs.***
Had to work...blah blah blah. But those of us with horsey families to support do what we must do. I too have multiple jobs and sometimes it really sucks! Especially when we actually have a sunny day here in the Northwet!
Repeat of Sunday but had to go from job 1 (6 am - 4:30 pm) straight to job 2 (6pm - 9pm). Makes for a L O N G day.
Horsey hard labor day! We are currently undergoing the "Battle of the Buttercups" at the barn. So as the fields get mowed it's a constant game of horses roulette. The field mine were in was pretty much eaten down to the nubs so it was time for them to move on. First I had to repair the gate section of fence that the cows had torn down a'la step in posts and white electric tape.
Chase the cows back out of the field (they walk between the wire strands). This is getting more interesting each time as there is either a yearling steer or bull in the mob who lately has been turning back and trying to decide if he can take me or not. But when his buddies bail he loses his nerve and hightails it out of there.
Next I drag out my water tub from their old pasture, and a long hose from the barn, scrub the tub and fill it. Then it was time to move them, 4 of them, by myself...aaaaalllll the way to the back of the property. Luckily my sister and Josie show up just in the nick of time...3 of us...4 horses. So we halter up 3 and leave Seven lose to follow...past the horse eating goat...the horse swallowing mud puddle...through the barn...past 3 fields of horses charging up to the fence hollering their Hello's and aaaaalll the way to the back of the property. She's so good!
Let them all loose and they promptly disappear from sight (grass is tall in this field...and I have short horses). I think it will hold them for a while, even after they are joined by some of the other residents in the next couple days. Still, I need to get them out and get the training/riding going before my air ferns turn into air oaks!
Nothing horsey today...but making plans for the next few days to get in some horse time...mostly de-dreading manes. Maybe get Diva out and plod around the round pen or one of the mowed fields. Still no arena for dusty....but Soooooon. Working with Lyric over the weekend...Much will depend on what the eye Dr says tomorrow afternoon.
Till then...that's all from the funny farm.

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