Friday, June 13, 2008

Arrrrr! Avast, me mateys!

As promised, here I am...the deranged pirate in my bat cave at work!
Oh yeah, I've got the look down!

First an eye update.
So the Dr. apt yesterday went really well! The eye is healing great, the inflammation was gone and although a few of those rogue cells crept back in they are not hampering the healing and vision. For the first time in days it was a gorgeous sunny day here in WA. And I was able to drive home with my eye open the whole way!! Only a few long 3 -5 second blinks now and then. AWESOME feeling!
Of course I celebrated by ummmm staying up till almost midnight (my bad), watching Bravo's A List Awards, surfing the computer and basically just reveling in my rediscovered ability to keep the eye open.
This morning the eye was a little sore again and a little red. But with the drops I got through the day with just minor discomfort. Right now it just feels tired, and I'll be going to bed early tonight. I go back again in a week for another assessment. Depending on how everything looks, some of the stitches may come out at that time or we may just wait till the original removal day. OH, and I took my sunglass to the Dr. office and modeled it for them. They loved it!

Soooo, today I am going to poke fun at my friends blogs....totally tongue in cheek of course. But I just had to do it. Without naming names I think you will recognize them right away.

Today's topic is Acronyms.
I work in a company that lives and dies by it's acronyms. We even have handbooks and dictionary's and bibles for them...because you may see an acronym not only one time but as many as five or six...and all mean something different depending which department acronym it is.
So after reading two of my fav blogs I was dismayed to have to keep track of even more. BGY, SSG, CSS or is it CSC?, SHM, head is spinning!!!!!! Why must we acronymize our horses? After all they do have names. Names we sweated and pondered and agonized days over before coming up with them.
Now if you happen to have a horse named Ifyoudontgetoverhererightnowyoupainintheass or Dontyourunawayagainoryoullbesorry I can see using an acronym like ROH (Really Obnoxious Horse) when writing about them in a blog. But if you do have a name like IfyoudontgetoverhererightnowyouPainInTheAss, you would probably have an affectionate barn name like Pita that you could use.
I started thinking...oh man, more acronyms, can I not escape them? Is this the norm when you BLOG? Do I need to have acronyms for all my horses now? Good gravy... what on earth would their acronym be?
After much thought this is what I came up with to adequately describe my horses in acronymeeze.

Lets see I would have DKMMT, Dun Kiger Mustang Mare Trailhorse,
And then there would be PPJSGBM, Pretty Pink Jumbo Sized Green Broke Mare,
And SGKMMITSO, Short Grulla Kiger Mustang Mare In Training Sort Of,
And SSBSGDKMM, Super Short But Still Growing Dun Kiger Mustang Mare,
And WDKMFSBG, Wild Dun Kiger Mustang Filly Still Being Gentled, And finally.....CTBMFFWWBRWT, Cute Tiny Black Mare From a Feedlot Who Will Be Rehomed When Trained.
I think I will just stick with names, personally I think it's waaaay easier than keeping track of a bowl of alphabet soup.

So here is my pledge to you... (places hand over heart) ...I do hereby solemnly swear, that when I BLOG about my horses I will use their name and not an ever expanding number of confusing, hard to keep track of acronyms.


Goat Lady said...

Did your last name used to be "Riceman"?

Whoa Mare! said...

Just think of acronyms as exercise for the brain :-). Or you could do what I do and just smile and nod as if you have a clue.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...


Well, I admit I started it because if my colt had been an asshat, I didn't really want to be at AQHA World two years later hearing someone go "oh yeah, she blogged about training him and he was a JERK!" LOL.

Not that his identity is a huge secret, I've posted the link to his pedigree many times when asked.

amarygma said...

I just stick with names because I only have one horse. You can't forget which name goes to which horse. Although I'd guess he'd be the Copper -Stout-Gelding.

Kigercat said...

My lastname was never Riceman. Sorry =)