Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No More Excuses

The Stitches are out, the Stitches are out!!!

Eye feels great and the vision is settling into where it's supposed to be, I think. Still a little blurry at the distance but it's getting a little better each day.
Now I have to get serious and make some real plans for just what I want to accomplish with the herd.

Had a relatively horsey least horse type activity.

Got Lyric separated from Renegade and into her own stall with attached run. She got to experience the scary wheelbarrow and manure fork invading her territory, going inside the big dark cave of a stall, horse eating white buckets. Spent a few hours with her just sitting and doling out a handful of grass at a time. I learned she is VERY one sided. She really has a preference to keep all contact and interaction on her left side. Which is fine for now, but will need to be addressed once we have consistent contact.

I'm now able to rub her forehead and nose as she takes grass from my hand...however she does have her standards. If the handful of grass doesn't meet her specifications (meaning it's not big enough) she just stares at me. And she scared herself when she decided to get greedy and tried to take the bucket of grass away from me and it fell over. But she got over her fear in about .03 seconds, walked back up to me resigned to getting a measly handful at a time while her face got stroked.

After we were done with the grass we watched Kim work Renegade in the round pen. Periodically she would look at me and sniff and sniff. Once she even poked me with her nose. I think it was her way of saying...Whew, am I glad I'm in here and not still in there getting my fanny worked off in this heat. Little does she know that for me it's easier to work with the unhandled ones in this set up that a round pen (working MY fanny off in the heat!)

Been playing horse roulette in the fields again and got my herd settled back in their field only to get a phone call the next morning saying 3 of the 4 were loose. Seems Diva, Piper and Seven were bored and decided to escape and go take a walkabout. And who could blame them? I mean why stay in a nice field of freshly mown and grown grass when you can wander through the barn, sample Cathy's horses alfalfa on the way through, thumb your nose at all the horses stuck in stalls and greet people at the door as they come out of the house? Remind me again why I have horses?
Take off from work...thank goodness I have a semi-understanding boss...race to the farm and go walk the fence line to see just how they managed their great escape. No great mystery. When the field was mown the back gate between their field and the adjoining field was left open. Usually no big deal...however...the front gate to that field was wide open when I got there...AH HAH...mystery solved. I hadn't suddenly acquired a herd of levitating horses, or Grand Prix Jumper wannabe's. Just a bunch of opportunists looking for some fun.

Get everyone back in their field, shake my finger under all the offenders noses, lavish praise on Aspen for being a good girl and staying put, tell them all to be good and head back to work. Of course I had to stay extra late to make up the time spent doing the horse business. And since I haven't had any more phone calls I'm thinking the girls are behaving themselves.

Weekend is shaping up to be crammed with stuff...need to get hay, pick up Jillian, work 2nd job...pick up hay, did I mention pick up hay? from 2 different sources...on the same day...on opposite sides of the state. Anyone have a cloning machine I could borrow? I need about 4 me's to get everything done.

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